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Good Medicine Balls  - Product Image
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Good Medicine Balls

Small but powerful, Good Medicine Balls are truly one of our favorite things! Filled with organic flaxseed, organic herbs and a soothing blend of essential oils, these little guys will soothe your aching joints and “boo boos” and can be used hot or cold. Anyone who works with their hands – gardeners, knitters, quilters, massage therapists, wood workers – will love the feeling of rolling a warm Good Medicine Ball in between their hands. Or roll one on your shoulders, elbows or knees . . . Ahhh. Great for headaches as well.

Color selections (we choose) in either green or blue hues in beautiful batik designs. 

Designed by an artist in Tucson, AZ, the Good Medicine Balls are made by hand, from beginning to end. Her team cuts, sews and stuffs everything by hand and they use only the highest quality natural, organic ingredients.

3.5" thick by 5" in diameter

Price: $14.95 

Reiki Energy Charged Candles - Product Image
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Reiki Energy Charged Candles

Made in New England, these Reiki Energy Charged Candles will fill your space with their uplifting and wonderful scents. Each candle has its own specific intention and fragrance. Made from soy with metal free natural wicks, each is 7" high by 1.5 " wide.

DREAMS: Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Rosemary

LOVE: Patchouli, Rose, Clove & Lavender

PROTECTION: Frankincense, Rosemary,Sandalwood & Clove

Instructions for usage and helpful hints to manifest your miracle!

Price: $9.95 

All-Natural Room & Linen Freshening Spray - Product Image
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All-Natural Room & Linen Freshening Spray

Spritzing this wonderful, light and airy fragrancer in a room will help you get rid of pesky, lingering odors that somehow always manages to permeate your entire home. Or, treat your bedclothes and pillows to a quick mist before bedtime. Perfect for upholstery, carpets, draperies and, of course, spraying on your clothing before ironing, our linen spray can freshen up just about anything! Great Aromatherphy for relaxing and calm before falling asleep!

  • 17.6 oz. bottle
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Available in Lemon Verbena , Sage & Juniper
  • Perfect for freshening clothes, pillows, bedclothes, air

Ingredients: purified water, Polysorbate 20 (diluent), essential and fragrance oils

Price: $10.95 

Natural Liquid Hand and Body Soap - Product Image
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Natural Liquid Hand and Body Soap

This natural liquid hand soap is a rich and creamy lathering soap with natural glycerin and vitamins. The soap works great as a hand cleanser, but, is formulated it to act as a shower gel, too! We have a few customers who claim it is also an excellent—ready for it—shampoo!  Gentle enough for everyday use, this hardworking liquid soap rinses away clean leaving skin, fresh, hydrated and mildly scented.

  • 16.9 oz. bottle
  • All natural ingredients
  • Available in Lavender , Lemon Verbena
  • Rich and creamy lather
  • Perfect for all-over use!

Ingredients: purified water, sodium cocoamphoacetate, glycerin, lauryl glucoside, sodium cocoyl, aloe vera, vitamins A & E, glyceryl cocoate, sea salt, fragrance and essential oils

Price: $13.95 

India Temple Incense - Product Image
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India Temple Incense

Song of India Temple Incense fills your home with the most beautiful fragrance you can imagine! Each stick is rolled by hand in India - Hand made from Sandalwood powder, aromatic roots, resins and herbs with natural flower oils. The mystic aroma smells like temples in India.
Can also be placed in car, drawers, etc. just like potpourri. After about a month, burn and enjoy!
One 25 gram pack.

Price: $2.95