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Few Potteries in the world attempt Bennington's Level of hand-craftmanship...

Handmade Pottery  
"The trademark of the current Bennington Potters are the solid New England-style pottery shapes that harken back to the very roots of local ceramics production," says Paul Silberman, the president and CEO of Bennington Potters.

All the work is done by hand, and the on-site factory makes about 500 pottery dishes and other stoneware dinnerware, bakeware, and serving shapes a day, on a good day. Their "hands-on" approach to the pottery-making process is unique in today's manufacturing environment.

The potters who work in the factory have over 20 years of experience at their craft, and pride themselves on producing stoneware which involves a level of hand-craftmanship that few other potteries in the world have an interest in doing any longer. The pottery has clung to making historic designs even though that adds to its' cost - problems that other companies have dealt with by simplifying their designs.

"All of our pottery shapes have tricky features and kiln firings," says Silberman. "These are features that make our handmade pottery unique. We have continued to produce the largest and deepest stoneware bowls made in the U.S. - no one attempts to do what we do."

The potters have remained true to the vision of founder David Gill, who passed away suddenly in early 2002, at age 79. As cookie-cutter dinnerware and bakeware continue to saturate the marketplace, and retails continue to diversify to the point that they all look like each other, the potters are increasingly seeing that people are looking for something original, something with substance.

Each piece of Bennington pottery is unique, the quality is superb, no two pieces are exactly alike, which is part of the secret to Bennington's success. From casual and everyday dinnerware to their more rustic Tavernware line, Bennington offers something for everyone.

But the 51-employee company continues to struggle against ferocious competition from overseas manufacturers which can produce pottery for much less than it costs to make in Bennington. "Such pressures have left the Bennington Potters as virtually the sole remaining manufacturer of pottery in its class in the U.S.", says Silberman.

Secret hand-glazing techniques produce elegant Pottery Glazes in an assortment of colors...

"Traditionals" Collection

"Traditionals" are Bennington's time-honored spatterware glazes. They consist of two glazes, a tone-on-tone spattering that is most recognized as "The Bennington Look". The Traditionals pottery glazes are called Blue Agate ("ag get"), Black on Green, and Morning Glory Blue.


Blue Agate Glaze Blue Agate Glaze

Bennington's signature and most popular glaze. A classic country blue and cream, this color is one that works well with a wide variety of kitchen, dining room, and country home decors.


Black on Green Glaze Black on Green Glaze

This rich green and black combination translates the time-honored tartan watch plaid colors into a warm, country look. If you love the saturated greens of summer gardens and winter holidays, this is the glaze for you.


Morning Glory Blue Glaze Morning Glory Blue Glaze

Bright and cheerful, this light blue glaze is wonderful with white, yellow and other brights. Envision a clear blue morning sky or bright morning glory flowers and you've got the picture.


"Elements" Collection

"Elements" are simple, comfortable, matte glazes on a white clay base. These new glaze designs were retrofitted for easy blending with nearly any decor from modern to traditional. They are perfect for gifting.


Elements Blue Glaze Elements Blue Glaze

This glaze color evoluted from Bennington's "Old Bennington Blue" glaze of years past. Visualize a deep sea blue or darkened sky blue and you've got it. It's a retro color that matches well with Smoky Topaz (formerly Mustard) glaze and lends itself very nicely to rooms with whites, browns, tans, or soft blues.


Elements Green Glaze Elements Green Glaze

This glaze is a deep pine green that works nicely in country home decors and log cabins. It's a retro glaze we brought back at the request Potters Yard store customers. Green Emerald is a wonderful color if you appreciate woodlands and winter pines.


Elements Gold/Mustard Elements Gold/Mustard Glaze

If you've been a collector of our Mustard glaze, not to worry, Gold is still the same soft mustard glaze color and will match your existing collection. We renamed the glaze to give it a fresh look for our new customers, but past customers will know this wonderfully time-tested glaze the instant they see it!



"Organics" are a more sophisticated matte-finished glaze on mahogany clay bodies, designed for a collector that appreciates handcrafted pottery with warm, rich hand-crafted appeal. Examples are Blackberry, Cinnamon and Chocolate. These pottery glazes will add a rustic charm to your country home decor. Blackberry has been a runaway best seller!


Organics Blackberry Glaze Organics Blackberry Glaze

It's Bennington's tribute to Vermont blackberries, this colorful glaze is the one you want if you appreciate colorful table settings consisting of handmade, unique stoneware. Over the years Bennington has introduced several new glaze colors , but none have been so well received so quickly by our customers.


Organics Chocolate Glaze Organics Chocolate Glaze

OK, some of us simply love chocolate! So why not celebrate this delicious treat with pottery to match? This matte-finished glaze with its' mahogany clay body is a specialty color just for our customers who love the deep, rich browns.


Organics Cinnamon Glaze Organics Cinnamon Glaze

Bennington's newest Organics Glaze color, Cinnamon is a potters experimentation. If our Organics Chocolate is too dark, Elements Emerald Green isn't your color, everyone has Smoky Topaz (Mustard), then perhaps it's time to try a glaze color that's all new and handmade in limited quantities.


"Tavernware" Collection

"Tavernware" is a rubbed finish, burnished and is a rediscovered handmade finishing technique that lends itself well to rustic dinnerware settings. A Bennington Potters original, this collection combines simple, organic designs and a classic matte glaze, which is hand-rubbed to highlight the deep mahogany clay body. The resulting finish is a unique, soft tawny brown with an intriguing variation to each piece, reminiscent of early American pottery.


Tavernware Glaze Tawny Tavernware Glaze

If you're tired of big box store, mass-produced dinnerware, bakeware and serving pieces... If you're looking for something different to entertain guest with... If you want designer handmade pottery in your home that's reminiscent of how food might have been served in taverns and colonial homes, tavernware is for you.


Equinox Glaze/Art Pottery

Equinox pottery is Bennington Potters' Art Pottery and is produced one piece at a time in very limited quantities. Though fully functional pottery, customers generally purchase Equinox pottery to decorate their homes. Each piece is a delightful splattering of blue and greens.


Blue/Green Glaze Blue/Green Equinox Glaze

Did we mention that only a few hundred Equinox pottery shapes are made each year? They are the best of the best at Benninton's Potters Yard.  

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