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Morning Glory Tray

  Freeman Ceramics Tube Vase
Tube Vases
 Freeman Ceramics was founded in the Spring of 1983 by Ellen Freeman.  The company specializes in porcelain and stoneware products with botanical imprints.  All of these are handcrafted at the West Los Angeles studio by a staff of highly skilled ceramic artisans (all of whom have been with the company in excess of 18 years).  The line includes bowls, platters, tile tables, vases, clocks, wind chimes, birdhouses, birdbaths, birdfeeders, coasters, trivets, tiles, paperweights, cachepots, photo frames, and many others.  Only fresh leaves are used to make the imprints.  Since no two leaves are alike, each design is unique.  Most of the leaves, herbs and flowers are grown in the garden at the studio.  All products are lead-free and dishwasher-safe.


Bijoux Pierrette d'Entremont
(Nova Scotia, Canada)

Handcrafted jewellery by Pierrette d'Entremont.
Designs in cultured pearls, gemstones and precious metals.

 Bijoux Pierrete d'Entremont
Bijoux Pierrette d'Entremont jewellery designs are high quality originals that are contemporary twists on classic concepts.

Each piece is handcrafted in their Nova Scotia, Canada studio using select cultured pearls, fine faceted gemstones, sterling silver and 14K gold.

GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP), Pearls certified & Alumni member




 Premium Relaxation and Nature Music


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Delight in the comfort of a seaside cabana as breezy piano, guitar and flute melodies merge with the gentle sound of surf on sand.

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Journey to a magical land where ethereal Celtic melodies harmonize with the gentle sounds of nature. Instrumentation includes guitars, mandolin, piano, uilleann pipes, fiddle, bouzouki, cittern, tin whistles, bodhran & percussion.  Made in Canada.

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As the loon’s haunting cry echoes through the mist and blends with original compositions, retreat to the Land of the Loon and savor the calming sounds of a secluded lake. Instrumentation includes piano, guitar, flute, percussion, quena, fiddle & cello.  Made in Canada.

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Original music on a lyrical harp gently entices you into a woodland and its sweet voices of nature. Instrumentation includes harp, flute, oboe, French horn, violin, bass & percussion.  Made in Canada.

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Awaken to the enchantment of The English Country Garden where soothing melodies resonate with the peaceful sounds of the natural world.  Instrumentation includes piano, flute, piccolo, oboe, English horn, clarinet, violin, cello & harp.   Made in Canada.

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  Many Great New Designs Just In!

Gail Miller
Gail Miller 

Miller Designs creates beautiful, simple and affordable treasures on a pristine island off the coast of Portland, Maine.  These creations are fashioned in Copper, Brass and Nickel making them truly affordable gift items. 

Each piece starts with cutting the sheet metal to rough size.  Then the die is chosen, the metal piece  inserted, then all are placed in the hydraulic press.  The piece is then trimmed, filed, formed, and soldered.  After polishing, cleaning, and packaging, the finished item goes to market.  The result of this process is a truly unique and beautiful item, perhaps a barrette, earrings, bracelet, pin, ornament or napkin rings, which will soon be in the hands of its new and delighted owner.  These treasures are one-of-a-kind items that will last and last.

Miller Designs specializes in pins, earrings and in " R e a l l y    C o o l "  Barrettes.

miller designs earrings
3-Metal Wedge Earrings

Miller Designs Barrette 
Oak Leaf and Acorn Barrette

Red Copper Cardinal Pin


What is it and who makes it?

Ahh, a question frequently asked with both a short and long version. This will have to be the shortish version. Of course, George Carruth is the quiet force behind Carruth Studio. Since 1983 he has been creating wonderful cast images in stone from completely original designs carved from limestone and clay.

Initially, George's work was 2 dimensional, in the form of illustrations for advertising. This was not the career of choice as the dream was always to sculpt for a living.  That's where Deb, his wife, comes into the picture. Do what makes you happy, is her philosophy, and so a stone carver emerged. Commissions from the National Cathedral in Washington D.C., an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree, pieces in permanent collections across the country all indicate George's prolific nature. For more than 2 years, George and Deb fed themselves by selling hand carved originals at juried shows and to fine galleries. When asked to put images into David Kay's catalogue, the first cast piece was born.  George's cat birdbath landed on the cover and Carruth Studio made its debut.

There are now over 40 employees at Carruth, each dedicated to providing the best service possible. George is now both a sculptor and art director as they have added sculptors to otheir team. They have a wonderful time bouncing ideas back and forth and learning from one another. With some 200 original designs and over 3,500 shops nationally, Carruth Studio considers themselves extremely fortunate. George has explained his motivation for casting his work as a way to take an original carving that is well crafted and make it available to thousands of people. Letters come from all over the world. They tell us that George's work makes them smile, which means they are sharing just a small part of the joy he feels when creating it. The medium has to carry only one message, that the process was a lot of fun and the final piece represents the best of him.

George Carruth
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  Albert County Clay Company
Terra Cotta Pottery

(New Brunswick, Canada)

  Inspired by History - Etched by Nature - Refined with Feeling 

  Albert County Clay Company 

Decorative and Fully Fuctional Platters

Located in the heart of New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy area, where the highest tides in the world wash the shores twice daily, the Albert County Clay Company creates original pieces reflecting the area’s rich natural beauty and cultural heritage.  Special Bay of Fundy clay is processed by hand, using techniques brought from the ‘Old Country’ and modified to address the clay’s own unique properties. 

The Artist

Trained in pottery techniques in Stoke-on-Trent, England, and in the textile arts at the Bradford College of Art in Yorkshire, Judy Tait has worked and taught in surface design field, with the fabric dyeing and printing techniques.  When she moved to Albert County 20 years ago, she started her own silk screening business.  During her youth, Judy also spent time in Ghana, West Africa and was captivated by what she observed there. The ability of the African people to create beautiful and functional artwork from the resources available to them - and to build and educate on their culture and heritage by doing so - made an impact. 

This early exposure to cultural creativity would resurface later in life, providing the foundation for what is now … the Albert County Clay Company. Today, Judy combines traditional techniques with modern technology to create clay pieces that reflect area heritage.

 Albert County Clay Company Wine Cooler
Wine Bottle Coolers


Albert County Mud Flat
Albert County Mud Flat

Processing Clay
Processing the Clay

Judy and husband David Tait have made rural Albert County their home for over 20 years. From the very beginning, Judy and David instinctively knew the beauty of this area, its history, geography, and the friendly nature of the people who live here would inspire creativity.

As the innovative mind behind the Albert County Clay Company, Judy gets down to the very basics in order to express her feelings about the area in which she lives - its culture, history, landscape, and people.   David, assists in the time-intensive preparation of the clay that she uses in her art.

From what was once the one-room Curryville schoolhouse and the old Curryville Community Hall, this duo work together to create a diverse offering of handcrafted wares, among them vases, bowls, wall sconces, decorative tiles, wine coolers, and clocks made from the beautiful terracotta-coloured clay of Albert County’s Bay of Fundy region.

Fiddleheads is honored with the distinction of being the first USA retailer offering Albert County Clay pottery!





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